Kadoorie Beach, Tuen Mun, 18-3/4 Milestone [????- ]

Submitted by tngan on Mon, 11/03/2008 - 15:10
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Tag location corrected.  Believe me or not, I managed to dig out a map dated 1990 with the right information.  Back then before the Golden Coast was developed there was the Gordon Hard & the Perowne Barracks in the So Kwun Wat area.  No wonder they have a military coach going to and from the city area.


Photos that show this Place


The tag on the map needs moving to the left as the beach next to the pier is Kadoorie Beach. The marked one is Cafeteria Old Beach. The Kadoorie mansion Boulder Lodge backs on to Kadoorie Beach.
The coast line on the stretch from the pier to just before what is now known as Golden Beach is little changed from Booth's time ecept that the military's Gordon Hard site and slipway used to split Cafeteria Beach into the 'Old' and 'New' beaches. The land behind these beaches accommodated a number of large mansions in secluded grounds when I lived in the area but are now mainly apartment blocks. The shoreline towards Mouse Island and Tuen Mun has changed considerably since the 1950s.

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If you have a decent road map of Kowloon and the New Territories, you should be able to find the approximate location by measuring the Castle Peak Road from it's starting point in Sham Shui Po in miles.  I doubt the 11.5 milestone is still there after all these construction works.  

Anyway, Google Earth's ruler function might work just fine.  Just zoom it in.