Another mystery photo

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:22

This is the second attempt to put another mystery photo on the site so,  knowing my luck,  it will probably appear twice again!  Is this the same as one of the previous rooftops do you think?

Regards,  Pauline.

Date picture taken


Hi Pauline,

Another interesting photo. This rooftop is opposite Prince's Building - we can see one of it's domed towers centre left.

We can also see this rooftop above the shoulder of the man in photo#3:

Rooftop  HK  1954

Regards, David

PS Sorry to hear you're having trouble with uploading the photos. If it happens again, don't worry, I'll delete the extra copy when I see it.

Hi David and thank you.  Does this mean that there are views from three different rooftops?  If so it makes it even more intriguing as to what they were doing there and how they gained access.  All very odd.

I will ask my son about my problem with uploading the photos,  it is normally very straightforward so maybe I just got something wrong.  Anyway thanks for sorting it out.

Regards,  Pauline.

In the past, it was not difficult to get to a lot of places,

1) say you want to take pictures, and you won't be long - I did that with the receptionist in the '80s (not in HK unfortunately)

2) If you know someone the building, you can get in pretty easily

- If they were in the military a few years before, then they would have something in common with your husband.

- HK in the '50s had a small european population, you would have known a lot of people in a number of place.

it may not work now, but i'm sure it did then.


Thanks again everyone.  I think David is right and we can only guess as to how my husband and at least one other national serviceman gained access to the rooftops or indeed why they went there at all.  My husband was a great explorer so my personal feeling is that it was just curiousity that took them there but perhaps moddsey is right and there was more to it,  who can tell.

Regards,  Pauline.