1940s Mid-Levels Looking East

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:11
Date picture taken


Nice picture, do you know when the apartments or house on top of Mt Cameron (site of the Japanese war memorial) were built?

That 3 Story building on Kennedy Road looks quite new as well.

Interesting to see that Borrett road is elevated on arches, below Bowen Road.

Hi moddsey,

I wasn't being sarcastic ;-), I have no doubt that the image is pre-war, the buildings on Kennedy road changed quite a bit in the 30's.

BMH and Mt Cameron 1945-46

This image is 1945-46,

and the building on the left, below the BMH looks quite new in the previous picture.

So when was the pre-war building on Mt Cameron erected (before being leveled in WWII). 

As far as I know, Mt Cameron Road was completed in the mid-1920s and the first land sales in the area began during the same period.

My first impression about the photo that I posted for comparison was that it was pre-war as the Borrett Road arches appear to be rather 'new' and not covered with foliage. No problems in changing the date again. Cheers!


According to the Public Works report


The work comprises an 18 feet wide road leading from Kennedy Road to the Military Hospital connecting with Bowen Road on a level at one point and also passing on a bridge over Bowen Road to give direct access to the Hospital Compound.


At the suggestion of the department, the span of the bridge was made sufficiently large to permit future widening of Bowen Road.

(Commenced 15 August 1936, completed 15 August 1937.)


....construction of four garages and a store room under the road bridge....Work commenced in August, and was satisfactorily completed before the end of the year.