Old Post Office, 1974

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:06

My grandparents took this photo in 1974. A friend pointed out that the little structure to the right of the overpass was used to sort mail. Another friend visited the old post office in the early 70s and said it was in a complete state of disrepair. Very sad, since it looked like a beautiful building.

Date picture taken


Hi Susan, This was all before my time in HK, but according to the comments in this thread the little building was part of a conveyor system moving mail to and from the pier for mail boats.

Regards, David

The bridge with the conveyor belt was extended right of the tower to the new sea shore. It is just visible on the photo above.

The extended bridge is shown here:

1973 Connaught Bldg, by eternal66a