Kowloon Wharves 1935

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From the age of the Liner. At this time there were no air services to Hong Kong. This was another year away. The uppermost liner is moored close to where the Hong Kong-China Ferry Terminal is today. IDJ

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Recently a thread had been discussing about the naval dockyards in Kowloon.  I believe this photo had it clearly in view together with the admiralty fuel dump.

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There were two (according to Wiki, but I thought three) Canadian Pacific steam ships that went between Vancouver BC and Hong Kong until early 1920's. Thought it might be the Empress of Japan in foreground of your picture, but she only had two funnels and yours has three.



Very similar but I guess not the one.


Her sister ship had three funnels, but was not white...could be the ship at end of the wharves?......



but wiki mentioned a sister ship of Empress of Russia.....Empress of Asia.....I thought there were three, and this one is white with three funnels have a look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Empress_of_Asia



We had a family friend who sailed on one of these and was caught in big Typhoon just off the coast of Hong Kong......

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Looking at several pictures on the internet I would suggest that the Canadian Pacific liner in the foreground is either the EMPRESS OF RUSSIA or EMPRESS OF ASIA.. Both vessels built by Fairfield of Glasgow in 1913.

On the opposite quayside is a P&O liner - either the CORFU or CARTHAGE. Both vessels were built by A Stephen & Sons Ltd of Glasgow in 1931. (ref P&O A Fleet History  Rabson and O"Donoghue World Ship Society 1988)

The twin funneled liner at the end is either the TATSUTA MARU (1930) or ASAMA MARU  (1929) owned by Nippon Yusen Kaishu Line and built by Mitsubishi in 1929


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I travelled back to the UK on the Carthage in 1951after 4 years in HK. We had travelled out on the troop ship Dunera in 1947 and landed here. The main dockyard was HK side. I don't remember Kowloon premises being active..perhaps damaged in the war. Dutch,US and UK ships were repaired.