1845 Map of Aberdeen

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:53

Section of "(1845) The 4 inch 'Collinson' Map (reduced).", shown in Plate 2-1 of the "Mapping Hong Kong" book.

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The old map is fairly accurate.  Actually the 1964 Aerial photo looked very much the same except for the Aberdeen bay side.  After seeing this map I totally understand why it was called Shek Pai Wan (石排灣) as there is really a pile of rock in the middle.  The old main road today more or less ran along the previous coast line.

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It's interesting to see the depth soundings and the fact that the harbour rarely extends below 10 metres.

Also just noticed that he has a chapter to himself in Endacott's Biographical Sketchbook of Early Hong Kong, which notes that he was in charge of HK during the building of bridle path to Aberdeen.

Phineas Ayres, the Colonial Surgeon, speculated in 1896 that Aberdeen police station, which was notoriously unhealthy, would never been better whilst the lagoon to the east of Aberdeen exists. I'm struggling to work out what/where the lagoon is. Any ideas, please?