1952 Queen's Theatre

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:24
Date picture taken
1 Aug 1952


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sf (not verified)
Fri, 08/13/2010 - 05:15

Across from Queen's Theatre and clearly visible on the far left of this picture, you can see a vertical rectangular cafe sign with 3 Chinese characters. It is located just behind the circular pedestrian walk street sign in the picture. The Chinese characters can be loosely translated as 'Safe Happiness Garden' although I am sure this is not the actual English translated name of the cafe.

For many years, this pre McD fast food era cafe was a HK icon serving its famous takeout hotdogs to countless cinema goers at Queen's. There was always a line up of eager hotdog buyers forming up at its street takeout window before every movie show. But like most once prominent HK icons, this cafe is long gone and only exists in the memory of some HK old timers.



Thanks C. On Lok Yeun it is. As a kid, I never had the opportunity to try out those ice cream. Guess I will never know how good their treat was.

When did OLY go out of business? I vaguely remember it was still around in the early 80's.

Hi sf, On Lok Yuen might have gone out of business in the 1970s, since I do not recall seeing one as a kid in the 1980s.  I too never had a chance to taste its famous ice cream.

There is still a fast food restaurant on Chiu Lung Street that was rumoured to have been opened by former On Lok Yuen staff.  I don't know how true this is.