Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:19

Still (0:29:21) from the film 'Love is a many-splendored thing'

Date picture taken


I don't see Maryknoll in this photo.

From left to right I see:

Old primary school - now "Le Chateau des Arts"

Baat Gaan - (8 houses), the trees and the beach in front of them

Old Stanley Police Station

What is now Banoo Villas

No, Mary Knoll is on the left. How do we know? Because the angle of the "Baat Gaan" row of houses actually points in the direction of Mary Knoll.

What could be added, also still there, is the small 1 storey building with the chimney (on the right). On Centamap it's marked as Block 6-7 of College House.