Baat Gaan [Uk] - 赤柱八間屋 - Pat Kan - 8 houses [????- ]

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This was a Government relocation project.  There were 9 huts near St. Stephen's Beach, and the owners were offered Baat Gaan.  One guy said no, and it is said that his hut can still be seen over by St Stephen's Beach.

"Lying at the southern end of Stanley Main Street are eight connected small houses of special style . As they are joined together as one whole construction, local villagers call them the "Baat Gaan" (Cantonese, meaning eight units). Some people may call it the Pak Kan "Village". It is said that in the 1930's when the government was planning to stregthen coastal defence by building the barracks at Stanley [ the so called Stanley Fort ], farmers at the Wong Ma Kok Hill were compensated and resettled at these specially built houses. The uniform red-brick walls, tiled gable roofs, as well as the green wooden doors and windows, all add up for their consistent old village genre; The bonus of the shade the protection of the several old Fung Shui trees in front, plus the gentle sea breeze, provides additional special flavour to the charm of such specialty rarely found in Hong Kong today...

Thing changes with time. Nowadays most of the ownership has changed hands, or the houses leased out,...most roof tiles have been covered with cement since its last major repair and the window frames changed to alumium, and the feet of the walls at the doorsteps are showing slight discrepancies. Fortunatedly nowadays we can still enjoy the amazing scene and atmosphere at the site."

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