1941 Peace Mission

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:11
Date picture taken
13 Dec 1941


I don't think the woman in this image is actually Gwen Dew the author, but the wife of a government official who volunteered to go over to Kowloon and the Peninsula to instigate surrender talks with the Japanese. She insisted on taking her dogs with her. I don't have the Gwen Dew book to hand so this is from memory. IDJ

I recall I had written something about the posting but just cannot find the original thread.

I have updated and amended the posting to read 1941 'Peace Mission'. Having looked at the photo, I am of the view that the photo was taken in Kowloon prior to the delegation proceeding by launch to Queen's Pier. See youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-A3jMC7UyU   (3:02)

It would appear that the posted photo was more likely taken by a Japanese photographer covering the event.

The lady in the photo was the wife of the Governor's private secretary. According to the book "Prisoner of the Turnip Heads", the ladies name was Mrs Lee. The two dogs were called Otto and Mitzi!

The photo taken by Gwen Dew at Queen's Pier appears here:


Thanks to IDJ for posting the SCMP clippings covering the "Peace Mission:

https://gwulo.com/media/14240 and https://gwulo.com/media/14241

I had often wondered where on Kowloon side was the video footage and photo taken of Mrs Lee and her two dogs. From the clippings, it would appear to be somewhere on Holt's Wharf.

The Harbour View Hotel located on Chatham Road http://gwulo.com/node/7415 is given a mention and so is the proprietress Mrs Gardiner. She also looked after another private hotel called the Arlington on Mody Road.

1930s Harbour View Hotel