1941 Peace Mission Photograph by Gwen Dew

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:11
Date picture taken
13 Dec 1941


In "Prisoner of the Japs", Gwen Dew notes the "Peace Mission" from Kowloon Point included 'a pregnant Russian woman, a British woman with two German dachshunds and three Japanese officers, one of them carrying a white banner.'

1. Not in the photograph is the Russian woman (name not mentioned by Gwen Dew). A SCMP article dated 15 December here, mentions the other woman as being "Mrs McDonald" (?). She does not return to Kowloon and is sent to the hospital to have her baby. 

2. In the photograph, the British woman with her dogs has been identified as Mrs C. R. Lee (Mavis Ena Lee), wife of the Governor's secretary. 

3. To the right of Mrs C. R. Lee is a bespectacled Japanese officer - Lieut Mizuno (Dew) or Midzuno (SCMP) holding a white flag.

4. Next along is Colonel Tada (Dew) or Lieut. Colonel Tada (SCMP) - a slender officer with a long sword (Dew).

5. On the extreme right is Lieut. Othsu (Dew) or Ohtsu (SCMP) - dark, heavy set Japanese, carrying a portfolio (Dew). Othsu is mentioned by Dew of having said he had taken many photos of the group or "Peace Mission". Probably Othsu means at Kowloon prior to setting off. 

Source: Prisoner of the Japs by Gwen Dew here