1950s St. Francis Hotel, Causeway Bay

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:06
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I'm squinting at the vertical sign on the building, and it says 'St. Francis Hotel'. Was it known informally as the Roxy Hotel, or did it change names later?

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This hotel still exist in the 1960's.  I could not remember exactly when it was closed down but it should be more or less the same time when the Roxy was closed and demolished.

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The original St Francis Hotel used to be located on No.13 Queen's Rd Central opposite Duddell St. It was renamed from Astor House Hotel in 1928. It was sold to  Hongkong Land Limited in 1933 and torn down in July 1948. Then, St Francis Hotel reopened on 11 Nov. 1949 . Its new location was on Yee Wo Street next to Roxy Theatre in Causeway Bay.