Marker Stone - RBL 68

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:05
Date picture taken
19 Feb 2009


RBL stands for 'Rural Building Lot'. 'Rural' doesn't necessarily mean 'out in the countryside', it just means a lot located outside the Victoria City Boundary.

The lower the number, the older the lot, so this would have been an old one. I wonder if there's any connection with the Tai Koo Sanitarium, which was nearby at Quarry Gap. Maybe this was one of the extremities of the Lot that the Sanitarium stood on?

Thanks for peoples input on the Boundary Markers. My curiosity has been satisfied. On Saturday I went up to Guangzhou to have a look at the Places and Forts involved in the Opium wars. It was quite interesting and there was quite a bit to see and do. 

Anyhow, one of the fellas on the tour with us was a chap by the name of Paul Harrison, who conducts a weekly show on RTHK on the history of Hong Kong during the Naked Lunch programme on Wednesdays. I have had a quick listen to him today and he has some pretty good stuff to share.
I would recommend other History Buffs to go to RTHK website and have a scroll through his programme to see if anything catches your eye.