Kat Hing Wai - 1950s Fred Evans' photos

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Dear Sir,

I really enjoy the old photo of Kat Hing Wai. I am an indigenous of Kat Hing Wai and was born in 1950's.Do you have some more photos about Kat Hing Wai in 1950's(the walled city near Shek Kong airfield where Mr Fred Evan had stationed). When I was a child, I always saw many tanks which parked at/near Kat Hing Wai for camping. I think Mr Fred Evan should be one of the tank operators.


Mr Tang

Dear Mr Tang,

I think that is the only photo that Fred took of the walls and moat. But many of his black and white photos were taken around that area. If you start on this page, then click the 'next' links to scroll through his photos, you may see others that you recognise. If they bring back any memories, please leave a comment under the relevant photo, as it would be great to know more about these photos.

Regards, MrB

I think that part of the moat now houses a basketball court. But there is still evidence of the moat immediately next to the Kam Tin Road and around the other side of the village wall. It still has water in it as well as what looks like a whole load of released freshwater aquarium fish - small but brightly coloured.

The movie really brings me back to my childhood. I remember I caught fish in the moat when I was five or six years old. I might be one of the children playing behind the iron gate. Thank you for the sharing.