1950s Fred Evans' photos, Cheero Club, taken from tram

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:41
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moddsey (not verified)
Sat, 01/05/2008 - 11:58

Looking at the photo sequence and the metal fencing from the previous photo, this tranquil spot would most probably be the garden area adjacent to Murray House in Central. The road (western end of Queensway) in front curves to the right of picture to meet up with Garden Rd.

Fred mentioned that the previous photo was of a tram, taken from the Cheerio Club in July '59. Then this photo was taken in the other direction, from a tram looking towards the Cheerio Club.

I agree. I am almost certain that this is a view of the back of the large hut that contained the cafe and lounge of the Cheero Club. The Murray Parade Ground / Cheero Club stood about 4 metres higher than the road, suggesting that it had to be taken from a passing tram.

Yes.  That is the Cheero Club building,  I have a photograph of me - as a kid of 6-7 - sat on that same bench.

Off picture, to the right, is a path leading down to some steps and out onto the road. You could walk around either end of the building, or go through it and reach the main entrance and the car-parking area, on part of the old parade-ground, the other side.

Looking over the car-park, south towards The Peak, you would see HK Cathedral. 

Can you tell me - was the Cheero Club a forces only club. Could servicemen take civilians there?


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Gareth (not verified)
Sun, 05/17/2009 - 02:51

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To be honest I can't remember.  I was 6 when I went to HK in 1956 and was there until 1958. 

I do know that servicemen (and visiting forces USN etc.) were regulars and certainly family members of servicemen were allowed.

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Gareth (not verified)
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My father Sgt. W. Jones was the sergeant in charge of the Cheero Club, under a management committee.  I spent fair bit of time there and can remember the layout quite well.  I also have some photos of the place.