Jubilee Battery

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:22

This visit to Jubilee battery was to see if the tunnel we’d seen previously was now dry enough to take a look inside. This visit in early March (our previous visit was in May) was much easier, with less undergrowth. Still plenty of red ants though. On our first visit we could see the tunnel angled to the right for a short distance, before turning left to run perpendicular to the outside wall. This picture is taken from inside the tunnel looking back to the entrance. There are channels cut into both walls at a 45-degree angle – you can see one at the right of this picture, then there is another set nearer to the entrance. Q. What were the channels for? Were they to hold cables (there is another channel on one wall a little further in that looked as though it housed the electrical cables), or some sort of door fixings?

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Alex (not verified)
Fri, 03/17/2006 - 19:33

Absolutely rawkin'!! The weather gets drier and so you guys go out exploring again, Top darts fellas!!

Keep em coming.....I love to see stuff like this and would definitely be interested in exploring in Hong Kong


visited Jubilee Battery last year with 2 friends and found overgrown everywhere. Getting in this place "midway"(got no idea) and return to Victoria Road at last. So just wonder how to get through this overgrown place as your photos shown. Want to try again but dare not explore this place alone. Will read your words again and find the starting point.

Hi June,

The easiest way is to walk down the steps from Victoria Road, near the junction with Mount Davis Road. If you look at the report from our first visit, just start at the end of the story and read it backwards!

If you want to try and enter from the original road to the battery, you can find where it starts here. However, the last time I walked past there the road wasn't accessible as the gate in the fence was locked. So the steps are still the easiest way.

Regards, MrB

PS Thanks for the background on the street names in Wanchai