rickshaw and a nash car downtown hong kong jan[1]. 1951

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King's Theatre (see comments below).

Date picture taken


The Hong Kong Film Archive mentions the film 火鳳凰 (The Fiery Phoenix) is a Mandarin film that first screened on 18th January 1951.

On top of the billboard is half a sign, and the two Chinese words, 京華, can be searched on OldTimer's list of cinemas.  On his list the only cinema with this name was the Capital Cinema in Shum Shui Po (https://gwulo.com/node/36226).  But that one only opened in 1982.  

There is, of course, another 京華戲院 in Causeway Bay called Capitol Theatre  (https://gwulo.com/capitol-theatre).  However, on the title of its Gwulo page, no Chinese name is written and Gwulo search cannot search Chinese characters.  But this one opened in 1952.  Perhaps someone needs to amend the names of some of the cinema pages since we may often have to look up either English or Chinese signs to check the cinemas.

Just above the curve of the top of the car on the right it seems to say 'King', it looks like that is the King's Theatre.  There is a page for it (https://gwulo.com/node/6980) and the link to Cinema Treasures in one of the comments (http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/34556) shows a picture that matches this one.  One of the commentators on that page though said its name was 娛樂戲院.  I cannot verify from Gwulo because the Gwulo page does not have a Chinese name.  So I am intrigued.  Maybe the 京華 words did not refer to the cinema at all?   



King's 娛樂.jpg
King's 娛樂1931.jpg, source: bbs.tianya.cn

Hi breskvar, this 1931 photo of King's Theatre shows its Chinese name 娛樂.  In Cantonese it pronounces Yu Lok, meaning entertainment or leisure-happy, and has no connection to its English name at all.  I think you are right, the other two Chinese words "京華"  is for another business. On the right side of this photo there is a sign with this same name; so they would not have posted both to cause confusion. 

There was a 京華 theatre in Hong Kong ("Capital Theatre" in Gwulo's page).  Its location is shown in David's 1957 street map, about two blocks south of the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, where Hennessy Road meets Great George St.

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Greetings, and hi kreskvar, following your advice, I have added where possible the official Chinese names or translated Chinese names.  The names appear either on the main page or in the comments section.  The Globe I believe did not have an official Chinese name.  Two other theatres likely never had Chinese name, and I think my translation could be too erronous, so they are not translated - Global Art and Palisade.  Regards, Peter

In the 60/70s the Blue Heaven was located at Manning House in Queen’s Road Central. There was a Blue Bird Cafe in the China Building and may be the Blue Heaven as well as seen in this photo here