Wyndham Street

Tue, 03/22/2022 - 17:23

I don't know the location of this picutre

Date picture taken


The Image is flipped but maybe D'Aguilar St or Wyndham St again. I can't remember which one had the rickshaw stop.

Hi Phil,

Could be Wyndham Street as well.  Both sides of  modern day D;Aguilar Street are gentle slopes where there are steps on Wyndham Street.  Uncertain if it was the same back then though.

There is a 'Blue Heavan" neon Sign.  Does that ring any bells?

That 1957 Wyndham Street photo with a richsha rank has great value for Hong Kong transport historians. This is the first colour photograph I have ever seen of a Hong Kong ricksha  with 16-spoke wooden wheels.There are plenty of mono photographs around but not colour film 

By the 1960's these had been displaced by richsha wheels having (I recall) 40 bicycle-type metal wire spokes connecting to a steel rim. Overall, these provided a better sprung and more comfortable ride.  When I arrived in 1965, I cannot recall ever seeing a ricksha with wooden wheels.and as a transport historian, I tend to notice these things.  


richsha-comparison-wheels.jpg, by Chinarail