second generation hunghom market (bulkeley market) [1952-1987]

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In 1952, a new market opened in Hunghom to replace the Wuhu market (

It was demolished around 1987, the year when the market moved into the new Hunghom municipal services building not very far away on Ma Tau Wai rd. The dates are mentioned in this 1983 news report

1983-7-13 bulkeley market news.png
1983-7-13 bulkeley market news.png, by simang


A 1959 hunghom map shows the location of the market

1959 hunghom map showing bulkeley market bottom.jpg
1959 hunghom map showing bulkeley market bottom.jpg, by simtang


The 1952 market was located in two buildings. One on the north-east corner of bulkeley-gillies junction. Another bigger one on the north-west corner. The first one is shown in this picture. One can see part of the building on the left where raw meats and live chickens were sold. A lot of hawkers occupied the Bulkeley street outside the building selling other items like flowers, clothes,vegetables, fruits, fish etc. The second picture below shows the chaotic scene on Bulkeley street with the second building hidden behind the other buildings. It was probably taken on Valley hill on Chatham road looking east and down. One can see both Bulkeley street and its back alley filled with illegal hawker stalls.

bulkeley market 1977.png
bulkeley market 1977.png, by simtang


bulkeley market 1970s.png
bulkeley market 1970s.png, by simtang


Another news picture shows the west market a few days after 1956 riot when life was gradually returning to normal.

1956-10-14 紅磡街市 curfew lifted.png
1956-10-14 紅磡街市 curfew lifted.png, by simtang


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