des voeux road west

Sat, 09/24/2022 - 17:20
Date picture taken
1970 (year is approximate)


The photo dates from 1964 onwards as the hydrofoil in the background looks like one of three PT 20 hydrofoils built by Cantiere Navale Rodriquez  Italy for HK , the first being delivered in May of that year.

Source: Classic Fast Ferries - Issue 55 April 2016

Another source -

This site reports that the first trip was made on March 16 1964




Tend to agree that the photo is from the mid-1960s after the introduction of red double-decker buses on Hong Kong Island and before the commencement of one-man-operated (OMO, without bus conductor) pay-as-you-enter operation in the early 1970s. China Motor Buses that operated in OMO mode had special logos in the front and rear of the buses to advise passengers of the exact fare requirement when getting on buses. Bus enthusiasts may be able to supplement further on the type of buses seen in the photo.