Hotel Carmen, Macau

Tue, 02/01/2022 - 03:46

You can see the sign at the front of the hotel showing the name Hotel Carmen.  I believe the second photo shows the scene on the side street across from the hotel entrance. There were several round wicker tables and chairs on the patio overlooking the garden where we enjoyed our meals.

Date picture taken


I was informed that the Hotel Carmen changed hands and became the Pousada de Macau (Macau Inn), then owned and operated by the Rodrigues family.  The Pousada was famous for its African Chicken dish, introduced to Macau by the renowned local chef Americo Angelo. 

In the second photo above, the Salesian College is behind the hotel on the street sloping upward. The Government House and garden are shown across that street.  The actual house of the Governor was further up the hill and known as the Placente de Santa Sancha.  Interestingly, the hotel was used in 1946 or thereabouts by the British military in Hong Kong as a place for rest and recuperation for its soldiers.