Sammy Shields at Star House

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 07:35

Photo courtesy of Dr. Bob Duncan:

Am scanning a photo of surgery opposite Star Ferry complete with working rick shaw  and my professional name plate.

((Also visible is the nameplate for Sammy Shields))

Sammy Shields was a dentist with whom I worked in 1959 and had many stories to tell of Stanley jail. His main practice was at 2/F Gloucester Building HK.   Branch at Star House Kowloon.... He came to HK pre-ww2 as a dental mechanic but his work in stanley persuaded Selwyn Clarke to let him practice post war as a dentist. Keen member and owner of RHKJC and Sports Club.

I met Selwyn Selwyn Clarke in Seychelles in 1972.  He had been Governer and was paying a sentimental visit.   I was working there as a dentist for the Seychelles Govt..  I told him of my association with Sammy and he replied that sammy was a bit of a loose cannon.    

My first entry to HK was as a very young army officer and we landed at Kai Tak sideways on, as the sea runway was not built,  1946.

Date picture taken


The sign reads H F Shields. China Mail dated 11 September 1945 reports that H F Shields, the well known local dentist will be operating a free dental clinic to members of the essential services at King's Building from 12 September.

Noted this IWM photo, I guess that is Mr. Shields wicker suitcase on the floor of the dental surgery in Stanley Camp.