1930s Ma Tau Kok and To Kwa Wan

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 09:20

Taken from Sacred Hill (Sung Wong Toi Rock) looking south towards Ma Tau Kok and To Kwa Wan. Hung Hom should be behind the hills

Date picture taken



Same photo compared with today's google map with labels added.

looking south from Sung Wong Toi

Part of Sung Wong Toi can be seen.

upper horizontal red line=ma tau kok st

lower horizontal red line=mok cheoung st

red line on the left=kowloon city rd

A=ma tau kok slaughter house (currently an artist village)

B=rope factory (became nanyang cotton mill after the war. Now residential buildings)




ma_tau_kok_1930s.png, by simtang