View from the Peak 1878.jpg

Sat, 08/08/2020 - 19:27

Could that be Kennedy Town to the left ? What road could that be to the right ?

Thank you very much

Date picture taken


Assuming the mass in the middle distance is the Tsim Sha Tsui peninsula with Hung Hom bay behind and to the right, then I think this is more likely to be today's Central - perhaps over to where Admiralty station now stands? Just a guess mind you based on those assumptions. It would be handy to know what the building with the tower is.

Agree with Phil that we see the old Naval Yard on the right hand side. The tower can be seen here:

old naval yard 1880s
old naval yard 1880s, by hfsiu

The road on this photo seems to be the same as the one on Daniel's photo. Garden Road??

The line of trees on the waterfront on the left is the edge of the Cricket Ground. Garden Road is on the left of the Barracks.
I believe the road on the right is Kennedy Road.

If you look at the Kennedy Town godowns photo in

Top right corner of has a winding road up the hill, this looks very similar to the road in photo post above.  Also the island in the photo is Stonecutters Island off western Kowloon.  This matches the view feom Kennedy Town.  I believe it is Kennedy Town to the right.