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Gordon CASTLE [1889-1978]

c.1889-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
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c.1978-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
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Gordon Castle was my great uncle. He was an internee at Stanley Civilian Prison Camp during the Second World War, then emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. For part of his working career, he was a purser on the Empress ships. Then he moved into a government position, possibly in finance. 

I am writing a creative non-fiction book about him and my great-aunt Sally Castle (née Staley), focusing upon their experiences at Stanley. 

Any help is gratefully appreciated. 




Mr & Mrs Castle lived in Bungalow A in the camp: https://gwulo.com/node/26516

In the comments on that page, Tideswell27 writes: 

The latest edition of the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, (no. 57, 2017), contains a very interesting article written by local historian Tony Banham which details the history of the bungalow.  The article gives some interesting information regarding the 32 people who lived there during the Occupation.

If you haven't seen that already, it will give you a good background on who they spent their time with. Here's how to contact the local branch of the Royal Asiatic Society for details of how to order a copy of the journal: http://www.royalasiaticsociety.org.hk/contact

1911 13 Friern Park Finchley North London

Living with parents and siblings age 22 single  bank clerk born Hull

Passenger List 1947 sailing from Hong Kong to Los  Angeles 

Gordon Castle mercantile assistant  58 born Hull UK and Sarah Effie Castle 56 born Leicester UK in transit. Place of previous permanent residence Kowloon

Gordon Castle birth registered Quarter  2 1889  Sculcoates East Riding of Yorkshire

Gordon Castle married Sarah Effie "Sally" Staley

Death  Gordon 14 July 1978 Vancouver BC Canada

Sarah Effie Castle/ nee Staley  1891 - 1979


Dear David: 

Thank you so much for this remarkable information. 

I have ordered a copy of the journal through the Royal Asiatic Society. Are there any other sources of information regarding the residents of Bungalow A? 

Roberta Staley 

Once you have the journal with the list of names, you can see what information about them we have here on Gwulo (https://gwulo.com/list-of-person) and use these tips to search other sources (https://gwulo.com/node/9374).

Regards, David