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Norman Beardmore McQueen WHITLEY [1914-2004]

Norman Beardmore McQueen
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Civil servant, cricketer and great friend of my father, Alan Bailey. Norman and my father played cricket for Centaurs together in the 1950's and 60's. He lived in Hong Kong with his wife and children - who I knew well.  I think Norman also had a brother who lived here too.

Thanks Bails, we don't have any mention of a brother yet, but Barbara's diary does mention Norman's sister. Sadly she was killed in 1945 in Stanley Internment Camp when Bungalow 'C' was hit by an American bomb.

Regards, David

My mother mentioned the sad death of 'the sister' to me yesterday in fact. I shall try to get more facts on the family from her. She knew it was as a result of an American air-raid on Stanley POW camp.

I knew Norman Whitley as he too worked for HK Govt. (clerical service). His older sister Mrs Margaret Davies was among those internees killed when Bungalow C was bombed Jan 1945.

Norman had a brother, Tom Whitley, they both were interred with my father Douglas Smith and later all worked in the Govenment. They both had 4 children who I have sadly lost touch with. 

Thanks for this extra information. I don't see Tom or Douglas on the list of internees in Stanley Camp, but I do see a couple of likely matches on Tony Banham's list of members of the HKVDC:

  • Smith, Douglas Thomas Corporal V1982 (XD5)
  • Whitley, Tomas Sydney Signalman 1321 (XD5)

So I guess that while Norman was in Stanley Camp, Tom & Douglas were in a different camp as POWs? I've added pages for them at and

Yes, that must be correct. I have details of my father, Douglas Smith's war diary I will send to Tony Banham for his records. As an aside, my grandfather, Major James Smith, was Chief Engineer of the HK / Chinese Railway before war broke out.

Passenger list 1937 shows Norman B M Whitley travelling from Southampton to India age 23 civil servant  and from Ancestry Noman Beardmore McQueen Whitley  born 16 April 1914 Poona India died 8 November 2004 Bath Somerset

Address in UK 105 Manley Road Manor Park London

Interestingly 8 November 1935 Margaret L Whitley age 27 Instructress travelled from London to Hong Kong and her address in the UK was also 105 Many Road Manor Park London. She had arrived in London from Hong Long April 1935 

There was a Margaret Louise Whitley born Leeds 1909 but more likely she was born in India like her brothers (see below)

He was my father and was interned in Shamshuipo camp before being transported to Japan.  There were 4 siblings in the family - Margaret (Peggy) Davies, killed in Stanley camp, Tom, Sheila Feltwell who was evacuated to Australia with their mother (Hannah Whitley) and Norman who was also in Stanley camp.

Hi Anniemagg, I was very interested to see your mention of Sheila Feltwell.  The only one I can find.  I have uploaded a post about this.

Do you know any more about her?   thank you Malcolm

Principal India Births and Baptisms 1786 - 1947

Margaret Louise Martha Whitley born 2 October 1907 christened 7 November 1907 Bombay Father Charles Whitley Mother Mary Hannah Agnes

Scheila (sic) Rosemary Whitley born 4 August 1910 christening 8 July 1910 Bengal India Father Charles Whitley Mother Mary Hannah Agnes

Norman Beardmore MacQueen (sic) Whitley born 16 April 1914 christening 9 May 1914 Bombay India Father Charles Whitley Mother Mary Anna (sic) Agnes


There is a mention of Norman Whitley in a hockey match at King's Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Of note, a mention was made that 'T. Whitley' was absent from the Club team, having left the Colony already. He could be Norman's brother, Thomas. 

Source: The China Mail, page 25, 16th February 1939