Arthur George PILE [1878-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Arthur George PILE [1878-????]

Arthur George
Birthplace (town, state): 
Islington, London
Birthplace (country): 

?Naval architect, Hong Kong dockyards



Arthur George PILE was Authorized Architect from 1923-36

He had private practice from 1930 -36 

In 1919 he was a soldier and an artificer engineer and travelled to Sierra Leone From Liverpool

17 August 1905 he travelled from Liverpool to Hong Kong with Mrs Pile and Miss Pile

Family tradition said he was a naval architect in the HK yards (I'm not familiar with the term Authorized Architect).

One of my uncles served in WWI in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force as an architect. In civilian life he was not an architect. He was a skilled carpenter.

Military Architecture usually refers to designing and building fortifications and associated buildings..

Born 24 May 1878 22 Tibberton Square Islington London Baptised 6 June 1880 St. Bartholemews Islington

1901 Census living at Quadrant Road Islington with parents aged 22 working as an architect's assistant

1903 Working in Royal Naval Dockyard Belfast as a civil engineer. Met future wife

23 August 1903  Married at Tinity Church Rathmines Dublin

1909 living at 42 Morrison Road Wanchai Hong Kong and working for Royal Navy at HMS Tamar shore station

Father to seven ( Dorothy, Thomas, Violet, Christopher,George) and  twins born 1911 in Hong Kong  who died soon after birth

Violet N Pile daughter of Arthur George Pile and Florence E E Bond born 27 March 1907 Hong Kong

married Arthur Cecil Tinson 15 August 1925 Hong Kong

left Hong Kong 1940  on Katana Maru and went to Australia She returned  to Hong Kong 1946

She died 28 February 1991 Worthing Sussex

Thank you so much, this has filled some gaps in the tree.