View from 19 Broadwood Road (2).jpg

Sun, 02/05/2017 - 03:40

This is a second view from 19 Broadwood Road, taken about a year later than the previous one. It's captioned "View of the Peak from the Bungalow". There seems to be a road faintly visible across the mountain in the background. What is this? Not as many buildings are visible as in the earlier photo, but it would be interesting to know what they were. I'm not sure what the occasion was for the children to be dressed up like this. In another photo the same day they are both holding a big basket with a ribbon that would be cumbersome for a small page and bridesmaid to carry up the aisle at a wedding. I wonder if the basket and the children's very formal dress is connected with the May Queen celebrations rather than a wedding. The photos are all taken at their home, presumably in advance of whatever ceremony is going to take place.


Date picture taken
1930 (year is approximate)