1957 Hong Kong Army article - page 11

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:48

Courtesy of Bryan Panter

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elaine carter … (not verified)
Sun, 06/26/2011 - 00:10

i was born in this vilage on the 27th apr 1955 this is the only time i have seen a photo of the place thank you

I lived in Sek Kong Village 1958 to 1961, adventure of a life time, left when I was eleven.  Arrived on HMT Empire Fowey and went back on HMT Oxfordshire.

It was good to see the Village Sign again, and the photograph of the Service Children's Primary School, which my two children attended. I have happy memories of school activities as I was also the Forces liaison officer there. I have even merrier memories of the Teachers' Mess, further up the hill, amongst which a semi-suicidal wheeled laundry-trolley chariot race down the main road features!

Although it does not shew it, I think that this is a page from "Soldier" magazine.