Large water dam

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:42

Where is that? Tai Tam? The year denoted is 1909. "Large water dam Hongkong" is written on the backside of that photo. Can anyone help?

Date picture taken


Yes, it's Tai Tam. That bridge is part of a good walk from Quarry Bay to Repulse Bay we do from time to time.

Here's a similar view today:

Today there's no sign of those buildings on the hill in the background of the old photo. I wonder what they were?

Regards, David

The path to the left of the bridge leads down to Tai Tam Reservoir and Tai Tam Rd. To the right of the bridge, the path starts going uphill and eventually ends up in Parkview. The path in the background to the right follows the water catchment winding back towards Stanley and eventually joins up with the Wilson Trail (part 1) just before the Twins. A very good and scenic hike.