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1960 KGV students

1960 KGV students

The students in this photo came from all around the world, there were Americans, British, Chinese, Macanese, White Russian Emigrants, and many more.

I've listed the people I recognise below. If you can identify any more, please leave a comment! (You'll likely want to click the 'zoom' above to take a closer look.)

Front row:

  • 1e: Marilyn Ward
  • 1i: Barbara Gabriel



2nd Row:

  •  2a: Connie ?


3rd row:

  • 3d: Deanna Medina
  • 3f: Carolyn Devonshire 
  • 3n: Joy Drake


4th row:

  • ?


5th row: 

  • 5a: Monica Bard 


6th row:

  •  ?


7th row: 

  • 7e: Nona Parks (Pio-Ulski)
  • 7f: Christine Heron
  • 7g: Antoinette Devonshire
  • 7h: Ingrid van Schultz
  • 7l: Joan Pegg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1960


3n: Joy Drake

Hello Nona. I certainly remember your name and have enjoyed various comments and photos from you on Gwulo in the past. I am in this photo and I know some of the names of others but the photo is not clear enough for me to be able to read your annotation, or to be sure about faces.

The girl in the front row with pigtails is Sandra ? Marlene Boele is there, and I think Latifa Rahman.

Is there any way of improving the quality of the photo. Zoom doesn't help as it just increases the blur!

All the best to you.

Hi Jane

So glad you remember me and I was touched by your kind words re my postings here! heart

David (Bellis) very kindly helped with putting those pictures up and he also numbered them on my behalf. I'm afraid I am somewhat of a technophobe when it comes to doing clever things on the computer!!

I posted those photos separately in a thread which was started by Janise (nee Walker) a few weeks ago and they are bigger than the picture here. You might even find reading through all the comments as I'm sure you'd remember some of the names.


My comment with the photos has " KGV friends and Sheena Lillywhite " in the subject line. Oooh - I didn't realise copying the subject header would produce a link to the comment! Very neat angel

Yes, Sandra Agafuroff is the girl in pigtails and I see I got Marlene's surname wrong. I put down Boer on the original photo I posted! And I must look out for Latifa - I didn't notice her sad

David put the numbering on the photo but it's quite easy to work out. Bottom row is 1 and from left to right each person has the letter of the alphabet starting at "A". The next row is 2 with the same lettering starting with "A" and it continues to the back row, which is 7. Hopefully that will help you find your designation laugh

Hope that's been of some help to you!

Looking forward to seeing any more names you can produce yes



1st row:

  • 1m: Sandra Agafuroff
  • 1o: Marlene Boele
  • 1r: Carolyn Dow
  • 1v: Marilyn Heron
  • 1z: Carol Sloan
  • 1ab: Margaret (Maggie) Gautier

2nd row:

  • 2m: Anne Gregory
  • 2n: Joy Dickinson
  • 2q: Bonnie Robbins
  • 2x: Harriet Rankin

3rd row:

  • 3p: Margaret de Velder

4th row:

  • 4r: Lana Belokopitoff
  • 4y: Katherine (Kathy/Tusha) Huber

7th row:

  • 7af: Rosie Bunton
  • 7al: Barbara van der Linde
  • 7am: Carole Ward


  • 3v: Mrs Lee
  • 3z: Mrs MacDonald (?)
  • 3aa: Miss Edmunds
  • 3ab: Mrs Aquilina
  • 3ae: Miss McCorkindale (Corky)




Hi Jane,

Here's a link to the photo file, in case it is easier to enlarge:


Regards, David