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Mon, 05/31/2021 - 10:29

Tai Wan Shan area in the 1960’s, showing Poo Ai Catholic Primary School (1958-2008) and St. Mary’s Church. The school is now Caritas Institute of Community Education


Date picture taken


This is a better quality photo of the poo ai school taken around the same time. On the left hand side at the lower left corner was the holy carpenter church built in 1954. In 1975 it was rebuilt into a 8-storey building we see today. Behind the church was the holy carpenter hostel (similar to the YMCA). On the right was the whampoa dockyard. One can see a parking lot and part of the staff quarter Havelock terrace.

Between the school and church was a public toilet which still exists today. Most houses built before the war didn't have bathroom and toilet. It had bathrooms on the second floor with warm water so that locals could take their bath there.

source:梁操雅 - 匠人、匠心、匠情繫紅磡──承傳與變易


poo ai school 1960s.jpg
poo ai school 1960s.jpg, by simtang


A close up view of the church in the 60s

old holy carpenter church built 1954.png
old holy carpenter church built 1954.png, by simtang