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KGV School 1962-1964

I was born in Hong Kong in 1948 and  was a pupil at KGV Junion School in the 1950s until I was sent to boarding school in England aged 8.   I then returned to Hong kong and was a pupil at KGV School between 1962-1964.   My name was then Janise Walker and I lived in St Georges Mansions, 141 Argyle Street.   I wondered if there is anyone out there who would remember me and perhaps get in touch via this site if that is possible.

My father was Guy Walker who you had an article publised about his war years as prisoner of war  in Hong Kong.   Apparently someone had unearthed this document from Zetland Hall, the Masonic Lodge.   It was very interesting reading this article as I have the original.

Would also love to see some old photos of the China Light and Power Company which was orignally based by the waters edge and that is where I was brought up in the flats.

Brilliant paper


Janise Rutherford


Hi. Janise You might remember me. Probably !

Rgds George Winch

Hello George, yes I remember you, and thank you for getting in touch.  I wasn't sure whether there was anybody left in Hong Kong who went to our school.  How are you doing?  Would love to hear all about your life since we were at school.  It seems another lifetime ago, can't believe it has been so long.  Is there anybody else who you are in touch with?

regards Janise