Black’s Link Japanese Tunnel (1) entrance | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Black’s Link Japanese Tunnel (1) entrance

Black’s Link Japanese Tunnel (1) entrance

Can be spotted at over 40 meters away

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, February 24, 2020


Thanks for the photos. Is this one of the tunnels we have on the map:

Or is it a new one?

Yes all the pictures are ones existing on the map, all but one of the photos belong to Japanese Tunnel, Black's Link (1) while the one photo showing smaller entrance belongs to Japanese Tunnel, Black's Link (3). I wish they were new ones but I suppose these photos are still helpful.


Great, then the next step is to start linking your photos to the Places (here's how:

I've done it for this page as an example - see the "... shows Place ..." above? That lets readers click on the Place to see where this photo was taken. It also automatically adds the photo to the Place's page at: so that people looking at the Place page can see your photos.