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Hong Kong transport

Hong Kong transport

From a 1930's collection. Probably Lugard Road Bowen Road (sse comments below).

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


Hi Klaus,

Probably not Lugard Road as the fence along the side was made from concrete: 

Lugard Road 1954
Lugard Road 1954, by stuartjames5

Maybe Bowen Road?

Regards, David

Hi David, yes, you're right. It looks more like Bowen Road:

Bowen Road - Soldier of Fortune
Bowen Road - Soldier of Fortune, by philk

But if this is correct, what it the tower in the back?

Regards, Klaus

Looks like the railings on Bowen Road. I think one is looking at the power station chimney in Wanchai. See here

Looking closely at the photo, I suspect that the "tower" is actually a chimney of a house, just below Bowen Road. Looks like it could be close to the junction of Bowen Road and Borrett Road. Just a guess! All the iron railings on Bowen Road were removed by the Japanese during the Occupation and then replaced post war.

Just noticed the possible year of the photo as being 1930. Can disregard the chimney being that of the Wanchai Power Station. Interesting photo to resolve.

Greetings.  The retired/demolished power station's location marker, when seen on the 1952 overlay map, is next to a hospital.  So, the chimney in the sedan-chair photo could be part of the hospital.  Still, I cannot rule out it being part of the power station.  There may be some uncertainties about the date of the sedan-chair photo, and did they demolish the chimney around retirement time, or several years later?
It looks like the tall and slender chimney is attached to the bigger concrete chimney.  I wonder if the former was built to burn off dirty gases, if true, this supports the power station assumption.
Regards,  Peter  

I think Moddsey's recently added photo shows the same bridge as this photo (Bowen Road bridge over the tram line). The downhill set of railings curves the same way in both photos.

1910s Bowen Road Walk
1910s Bowen Road Walk, by Moddsey