Netherlands Harbour Works Co newsclip 1 June 1927 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Netherlands Harbour Works Co newsclip 1 June 1927

Netherlands Harbour Works Co newsclip 1 June 1927

In addition to the North Point project the company was also contracted to tackle the Kai Tack reclamation

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Wednesday, June 1, 1927



Ambitious Scheme for Link in England-Australia Service: Work Already Begun
From Our Own correspondent Hongkong, June 1.

Elaborate schemes are under way to develop Hongkong into a great air-port. It will be a linking-up station of the England-Australia service via Singapore. The Government has decided to have the harbour thoroughly dredged and the silt will be dumped on the Reclamation at Kai Tack, which is to be transformed into a site for a large aerodrome.

The need of the dredging has been emphasized in the past, for last year several ships went aground near the ‘Kowloon Ferry Wharf through the silting up of the harbour at that point. A contract has been placed with the 'Netherlands HarbourWorks Co. to carry out the Operations, which it is estimated will occupy 18 months in completion. The amount required is not yet known, but by placing the work in the hands Of the Dutch company about $300,000  will be saved. The Netherlands Harbour Works Co. did very good work in improving Macao Harbour and in the reclamation work at North Point, Hongkong.

At present, the Kai Tack lot is being used as a landing and taking-off ground for the Royal Air Force unit, but the new scheme is to provide a first-class civil aerodrome in connexion with the inauguration of Imperial Airways thus linking Hongkong with other parts of the British Empire. This ambitious undertaking will entail a big expenditure, but it is understood that a large proportion of the cost will he borne by the Imperial Government. Merchants are jubilant that at least the aeroplanes will carry mails, which should arrive from England in less than a week and so commercial facilities will be greatly improved.

The immediate work is the completion of the reclamation and the sea-wall at Kai Tack and also the provision of a typhoon shelter and basin for aeroplanes. Other buildings will be erected in due course following instructions from Home.