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Lyemun Gap and Devil's Peak 1952 b.

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Lyemun Gap and Devil's Peak 1952 b.

The Lyemun Redoubt battery is visible.  I have never previously seen photographs of the buildings in the gap, where the Island Eastern Corridor Road now runs.  There are Nissen huts and other buildings, including a very large circular structure.  This appears to be roofless and appears to have a door at the lower left side.  Is it the remains of some sort of Victorian defensive 'fort'?  There is also a very solid looking building built into the hillside below the Redoubt.  The whole area is surrounded by a high chain link fence that climbs up the steep slope to the old battery. Does anyone know anything about this group of buildings? Is it the Shau Kei Wan A Kung Ngam Ordnance Depot, which has a pin on the map? (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, June 1, 1952