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Oyster Shell Beach [????- ]

There are plans to cover this last remaining beach in the Eastern part of Victoria Harbour with concrete. Has Oyster Shell Beach always been a beach? Or has it been created by restaurants dumping shells? More information on the history of Oyster Shell Beach may help save it. paul@designinghongkong.com calling for help!

Photos that show this place


I've linked in a photo from 1966 that I think shows the same area. It certainly looks like a beach then.

Can you find out the old name for the beach? Calling it 'Oyster Shell Beach' makes it sound as though it's only there on account of the discarded oyster shells. If there's an older Chinese name for the beach /bay, and especially if it's a name that includes 'sand', that might help you.

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Isn't this the beach that the British Army retreated from the Kowloon Peninsular over to Hong Kong Island in December 1941?

This photo is really helpful to show ExCo before they approve the project to cover the beach. More old pictures would help make the case. Where can I download these?

Will try and get the Chinese name of the beach.

Hi Paul - here's a very clear pic of the area from 1957: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41311545@N05/5722823626/sizes/o/in/photostream/

Photo" Naval Historical Collection, Australian War Memorial image ID NO. 300158, listed copyright expired, public domain. RAN Heritage Collection image ID NO. 03200.

Looks safe to say has always been a prominent beach

similar(ish) view today: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lei_Yue_Mun_1.jpg

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I believe you should be able to find something concerning the Chinese names of places from the Government GeoInfo Map site.

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also Hedda Morrison took a pic here in 1946-47:

guess Edward Stokes could help you with a hard copy of that, otherwise it's page 43 of his book Hong Kong As It Was: Hedda Morrison's Photographs 1946-47


Chinese name of Oyster Shell Beach is 蠔殼石灘 - great response so far with pictures from 1946, 1957 and 1966... Wonder whether anyone has read older written references ..