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1951 Andrew BAAG Reunion 2.PNG

1951 Andrew BAAG Reunion 2.PNG

Congrats to BAAG 70th Anniversary! I've just realised that on this photo taken at Dunrose Oct 1951 (acknowlegements to Lawrence Tsui archives), uncle Andrew's( #78) wife Auntie Josephine Ng Sau Chun (Lui Kar Yan's #68 former wife) is seated 3rd from right of photo in light colour dress clutching handbag.

Front row, seated, L-R:

  • 1-4: ???
  • 5: Paul Tsui
  • 6-7: ???
  • 8: Josephine Ng Sau Chun
  • 9-10: ???
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, October 1, 1951


Thanks for uploading this - is there anyone else you can name? With the mention of Dunrose I guess it should be Paul Tsui in the front row?

Hi David,

Lawrence Tsui uploaded the original 1951 photo under 'BAAG' on Gwulo with some names, but I can't find it again today. There is the 1952 photo only. But I have the original Screenshot with the names. The names Lawrence mentioned are 'Francis Lee Yiu-piu, Mark Tsui Shing-cheung, Lai Yuan-lung (Chinese Major attached to BAAG), Lau Ming-sai, Shum Loi-sang, Percy Cheng, David Lam, etc'. Maybe you can find it on Gwulo.

Hi David - Yes, the gentleman in the front row is probably Paul Tsui.  The caption reads "Photo commemorating the gathering of Chinese ex-BAAG members to celebrate the promotion of Tsui Ka-cheung (Paul Tsui) to District Officer of Yuen Long, October 1951.  Taken by 新大眾 (name of studio)".

Thanks Felix & Bunce, I've added details of the known names above.