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street-scenes-victoria tram.

street-scenes-victoria tram.

This was probably taken looking East - the tram sign reads Whitty Street.  Is the building on the right part of the Victoria, or maybe the Murray, barracks?  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


I think one is looking east towards Arsenal Street on the left. May be eastern end of the former Wellington Barracks.

Good morning Moddsey,  Yes, that's where my own memories would have placed it.  The only snag is that the ground floor of the building on the right seems to be shops - a few people appear to be peering into the windows?  Best wishes, Andrew

Currently overseas and looked at your photo via a smart phone which did not give a smart visual image. Will revisit. Thanks again for sending in the images and providing us the opportunity to view and comment. Cheers!

Here are some more views of the building on the right:

Well spotted David.

How strange that I didn't recognise the building as beng the one that is on my own 1981 colour photograph!  On Peter's, my eye kept seeing the long ridge of solil, thinking that it was a bank up from the road and that disorientated me because I never knew a stretch of that road where the pavement was above the road.  I now see that it was just spoil out of the trench.  It was somewhere very close to that stretch of road where I uploaded into my own 1957/8 gallery the photograph of my pals walking with military precision.  Is the title 'Victoria Barracks' still valid?  Andrew