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1930s Peak View

1930s Peak View

HT Wong is hosting this nice pic entitled "1920s Peak View". I guess it was taken from somewhere around the old weather station and looks back towards Mount Kellett - the triangular summit in the top right corner.

The buildings nearest the camera are:

1. Bahar Lodge - bottom left.

2. Ewo Mess - immediately above, i.e. downhill, from 1.

3. Edgehill - seen only as a white roof to the right and further downhill from 2.

4. Mount Austin Barracks - the huge building in the middle of the pic.

5. Haystack - the building between 4 and the camera.

6. Nearer still to the camera than Haystack, and slightly obscuring it, is a flat area upon which stand a number of small structures, possibly temporary huts. I don't know what they were for. A curved path, which I think was the main access route to 7, seems to connect them to Mount Austin Road. Perhaps the structures were associated with 7?      

7. 10 & 11 The Peak - the large building on the right of the photo. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1932


I've amended the date of this pic from 1920s to 1932 or later based on the fact that the War Memorial Hospital, which opened in 1932, can be seen on the ridge to the left of Mt Kellett.