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Leighton Hill Flats

Leighton Hill Flats

Leighton Hill flats seen from the eastern side.  The one marked with an "x" is still under construction.  A little bit earlier than previous 1955/56 photo


Is that the SCAA Stadium in its prime? It would mean the site of the current Hong Kong Stadium is just out of picture to the left, wouldn't it?

Not sure.  It is a postcard my parents have written on.  My mother writes "they used to get a lot of noise from the stadium, football games, school sports and Billy Graham".

My father, being a geography teacher, writes "the flats are built on a ridge with a flat valley to the east and west.  On the west side is Happy Valley and on the east a valley occupied by the South China Football Stadium".

Hong Kong and South China Stadiums.1958.
Hong Kong and South China Stadiums.1958., by Bryan Panter