Des Voeux Road (not "Part of Queen's Road" as titled) | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Des Voeux Road (not "Part of Queen's Road" as titled)

Des Voeux Road (not "Part of Queen's Road" as titled)

Gwulo reference: K155

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1910


I've set the date to c.1910, based on the single-deck tram in the distance.

Can anyone spot any landmark to identify its location?

My photo of the same scene says Des Voeux Road West.

with the apparent dead end at the back, perhaps that is where the track turns along Morrison St?

I think the photo is taken from a double decker tram. That would advance the date to about 1912. From the direction of traffic and the curvature of the road ahead, I think one would be looking east along Des Voeux Road West from Eastern Street around the Nam Pak Hong area. Just my guess.

Thanks Moddsey, looking again the curves match your description well.

I agree that section is looking east of DVRW according to the same curve. I attach a similar view in 1985 as comparison.

Regards, Joseph


DVRW.jpg, by Joseph