St Joseph's College at Robinson Road

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 02:22

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This is one of the two buildings in St. Joseph's College campus at Robinson Road; aka the "Southern Block" stated in the book.  This building was built against Robinson Road, showing only two storeys when viewed from Robinson Road. This picutre was taken from the North side, Robinson Road can be barely seen in the background on the right hand side. 

After the 1918 earthquake and the De La Salle brothers decided to move St. Joseph's College to the former Club Germania at 7 Kennedy Road, this building remained in use by SJC until the new classrooms constructions at Kennedy Road were completed in 1921. This building was in turn used by Wah Yan College until 1955, after that it was used by St Joan of Arc School. In the 1960s, SJA redeveloped this building into its new school building. 

Exact day of completion unknown.  Maps of 1901 , 1913 both did not show this building, but it can be seen in the maps of 1941 . 

This picture appears in St. Joseph's College Diamond Jubilee book published in 1935, with the Caption "New Building Robinson Road 1917".  Date of construction is set to 1917. 

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