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Firing a salute on Statue Square

Firing a salute on Statue Square

Firing a salute on Statue Square with Hongkong Club Building still under construction. This indicates the date of this image to be 1896.

This photo from the UK National Archives gives no further explanation for this occasion. Unveiling of Queen Victoria's Statue. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, May 28, 1896


GW has described a very similar scene from 1893 that was an event to celebrate the Queen's Birthday:

Perhaps this was the same event, a few years later?

I think the photo is of the unveiling of the Queen's Statue.

HK Telegraph 28 May 1896

Surrounding the three sides of the statue .... were nearly 2,000 troops. Invited guests to the number of 1,000 were accommodated in a matshed temporarily erected on the water side of the square. Promptly at 5:15 p.m. His Excellency, the Governor and his staff and high military and naval authorities appeared in view, whereupon the troops were brought to attention and shouldered arms. His Excellecy and staff then proceeded to take their places in the centre of the Stand, where, beneath the Royal Arms, His Excellency faced about, the troops presented arms, and to the strains of the national anthem, the Royal Standard was fluttered in the south-west breeze.

Following speeches made by Chater and the Governor, His Excellency then with troops at the "present,"  pulled the cord which lifted the standard veiling the statue and amid the deafening cheers of thousands of all nationalities present and the strains of "God Save The Queen" by the bands, the image of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria was displayed to view. Then thrice round the square rattled the feu de joie from the troops followed by royal salutes from the military on the Praya and from the Commodore's flagship, the Victor Emanuel.

Thank you moddsey for that information. Do you think the unveiling was on the 27th of May?

I think the matshed building you mentioned is this one:

Temporary Building on Statue Square
Temporary Building on Statue Square, by The National Archives UK

Regards, Klaus

28 May 1896 is correct. I think the HK Telegraph issued an evening edition as other major newspapers carried the event the next day (29th). Regards.