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View from YMCA, TST

View from YMCA, TST

Text on Flickr: Hong Kong (Kow Loon): taken from the YMCA.

That's YMCA, TST (First generation) [1925-c.1990]. Left-hand side the Cultural Centre, TST is under construction.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, June 1, 1987


Hi Klaus, I checked a map from 1979, and Kowloon Park Drive had already been built then, so the old Post Office would have been demolished before 1979.

Instead I think the red-brick buildings in the foreground are the Welfare Handicrafts Shop, TST [c.1955-c.2005] and the Former Kowloon / Terminus Firestation [1920- ].

Regards, David

David. I think you're right. The chimney on top of the red brick building belongs to the firestation and not the post office. I'll correct the places.

Regards, Klaus