Star Ferry Terminal & piers, TST (current generation) [1958- ]

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I've set the completion date to April 1958, based on this entry from page 210 of the 1956 Hong Kong Annual Report:

The construction of new piers in Hong Kong and Kowloon to replace the present 'Star' Ferry Piers was well advanced. These piers will provide berths for four ferries at the same time on each side of the harbour which will speed up operation during rush hours. The passenger gangways are wide and spacious. Waiting rooms are provided. Other facilities include an Information Bureau, Newspaper Stalls, Money Changers, Toilets and First Aid Rooms, as may be found at any large rail terminus. A clock with a full set of Westminster chimes, presented by Mr J. Keswick, C.M.G, has been installed in a tower in the Hong Kong pier. It is expected that two berths of each pier will be in operation by April 1957 and the remaining two by April 1958.

Photos that show this Place


From the The China Mail, 1958-07-14 

New Star Ferry Traffic Plan in Operation

The new Tsimshatsui Star Ferry traffic plan began operating this morning with buses pulling in to the permanent Star Ferry covered way and discharging passengers.

The eastern arm of the Star Ferry pier in Kowloon which has been completed for several months was also put into use for the first time this morning. The western arm of the pier was closed down at the same time and the wooden staircase and cover leading to the first class pier are being demolished.

This morning, many passengers who have been used to climb up the wooden staircase at the western arm for the past year were at a loss temporarily to locate the entrance to the eastern arm.

Taxis Restricted

Along Salisbury Road opposite the Kowloon Post Office, there are two long markings restricting all taxis to travel in one lane. The remaining traffic lane is now used as an approach for private cars and for public vehicles discharging passengers at the first bus bay platform.

The new arrangements are in conjunction with the reconstruction of the new concourse which began about a week ago. The project is being carried out in stages, and will also involve drainage works and the construction of bus bays and passenger loading platforms.

During the past week while the wooden covered walk fronting the Wharf, was being removed, the buses pulled in to their respective bays where the passengers alighted and made for the western arm of the pier.