Star House [1966- ]

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The 1966 photo below shows the building under construction, but it was finished the same year as the government's 'Names of Buildings' gives 1966 as the building's 'year of completion'.

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The actual name of the building is "kowloon commercial building" or 九龍商業大厦 according to a 1968 news report. People called it star house obviously because of the star ferry. Likely the building previously there was called star house too before 1966.

kowloon commercial building
kowloon commercial building, by simtang

The name can be seen in the following picture (last 5 of the 6 Chinese characters)

It may initially have had another name, Simtang, but it also had the name "Star House" emblazoned on it since at least the early 1970s so that was at least semi-officially its name and better explains the colloquial usage than the proximity to the Star Ferry alone. (I know *I* certainly called it that because that was what its signage said for my entire life.)

Star House was initially called the "Kowloon Commercial Centre" and was owned by the Kowloon Realty Co. In May 1968, the original company sold the building to Hong Kong Land. Since then, the building has been known by its current name.

A photo at: showing the completion of the transaction.

The 1970 Hong Kong Map at : has yet to update the original name of the building