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Does anyone recognise the person on the left of this photograph as Freda Howitt Gwilliam, who was an Educational Adviser to the Colonies? I have lots of photographs of her, and think I may have finally found out her name - but I would love to know if this lady really is Miss Gwilliam. Here she is with Sir Robert Hotung on 26th October 1953. I am afraid I do not know who owns the copyright to this photo as there is no studio stamp on it. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, October 26, 1953


There is an entry for her in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Maybe it includes a photo you could use to compare?

Regards, David

I can confirm that the lady on the left of the photo is indeed my aunt, Freda Howitt Gwilliam. I believe her official job title was Womens' Education Advisor to the Colonies.

The China Mail indicates Miss Gwilliam was an Assistant Education Adviser to the Secretary of State for the Colonies.

I have not seen the photo of Miss Gwilliam with Sir Robert Hotung before but I have one of her with my mother, Mrs Kitty Cheung (1912-2013), and her four children, taken at the Kitty's home in Macdonnell Rd.

GwilliamAndCheung.jpg, by Philip Cheung

The connection between these photos is the opening of Ho Tung Technical School for Girls in 1953 (Hotung Secondary School since 1997). Sir Robert donated the funds to start the school and my mother was its first headmistress. My mother asked London for advice to set up the school, with its out-of-the-ordinary curriculum, and Miss Gwilliam became her advisor. The opening of the school was the reason for Miss Gwilliam's visit to Hong Kong.