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Westend 1880s

Westend 1880s

The date of this photo is the early 1880's as Richmond Terrace on the top right of this picture has been finished.

Ball's Court is in the centre of the picture with the flag. To the left on the horizon is the Berlin Mission and the road between them  is High Street. The unmodified Civil Hospital building is on the right of the picture. Westbourne Villa is the large colonial house just above the Shanty town in the foreground, its inhabitants regularly complained about the smells coming form this location. 

Park Road can also be seen just to the right and up from Ball's court. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1881


Westend 1870

Westend 1870, by Herostratus

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The Hill Road nullah is also visible, just to the left of Hill Road in the foreground.